Museveni elected new Chairman of NAM till 2027

KAMPALA, January 19, 2024 – Jeyhun Bayramov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Republic of Azerbaijan on Friday formally passed on the Chairmanship of the Non-Aligned Movement [ NAM ] Summit to President Yoweri Museveni who will be at the helm of the global political grouping until 2027.

This was after Museveni was elected in Kampala as the Chairman of the NAM 19th Summit of Heads of State and Government which ends Saturday.

Addressing delegates from 120 countries, Museveni alluded to the history of NAM. “The emergence of the non-aligned movement was a necessary response to the irrational polarisation between capitalist Western countries and communist Eastern countries during the 1960s.”

Museveni who talked about the number of issues affecting the world, emphasised the need for diverse ideologies as opposed to promoting one ideology, saying this is good for humankind.

“You, therefore, should not have the audacity to impose on the society you live in, let alone the World, your narrow uni-ideological orientation. “We must reject narrow uni-ideological thinking and embrace diverse ideas for progress.”

The universe has been here for billions of years, and we should respect the diversity of thought in our societies, he said,” adding, “We are, therefore, not impressed and cannot be part of the morbid bigotry of uni-ideological thinking of this or that type.”

He emphasised that people are supposed to be free instead of being conquered by what he called empires. “We should only have free associations of nations, people of common or shared origin, and interacting for mutual advantage with the peoples of the world.”

He added: “We are flabbergasted and look down with contempt at the philosophical, ideological and strategic shallowness of some of the actors of the world. If you say that you are a democrat, why don’t you respect the freedoms of everybody? How can you say you a democrat and yet you want other people to be slaves?”

As bullies, Museveni said the Europeans used their progress in the technology of shipbuilding and the use of gunpowder to conquer Africa, Asia and the Pacific. “Africa’s surrender had in part on account of our egocentric chiefs and kings, whose selfishness could not unite us to fight these evil people.”

Without mentioning names, Museveni said oppressors miscalculate when they use their temporary advantage in science and technology to think they can use that to indefinitely oppress other people.

“Our study of the political economy of creation and society enabled us to discover that the basic primer of change is the development of science and technology. “The development of science and technology is the primary initiator of positive social change, irrespective of societal systems.”

He averred that the strength of NAM should be used to exercise considerable influence, particularly at the UN for the effective transformative process for a better common future.

He said the oppressed will learn, catch up, and defeat the oppressor, that is why empires always all collapse. “The idea of empires is an evil idea. Oppression will invite resistance, that’s why the resistance fighters of Uganda only fight just wars,” he added.

“In the book Mathew, it says, let your light shine before men that they see your good deed and praise your father who is in Heaven. Influence people by example and not threats,” he advised.

The President said foreign media reports on Africa’s food crisis are misleading, saying some countries are food secure. “Here in Africa, we are dying of food, we have too much food here, so those images you see about some bad situations, don’t think they represent all of Africa,” said.

He stressed that Africa has got everything, and that Africans need from other people are markets and investments. “We shall not only sell to you, we shall also buy from you, we are not like others who want only to sell to others but not buy from them.”

“The world should concentrate on the common Human problems and prosperity through trade, and that’s why I am very happy to see you here,” Museveni said.

He continued: “Using the ideas of the free market, combined with the ideas of selective State intervention in the economy in some sectors like banking, energy, transport…Uganda has had growth rates of 6.2 percent per year for the last 37 years.”

“Our stand is that the world should concentrate on common human problems, achieve prosperity through trade, and advance science and technology to address human issues, environmental concerns, crime, and terrorism. The future is bright if we act right.”

Museveni’s speech at NAM

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