MP Ariko warns against restrictions on use of tractors

SOROTI– Soroti City East Member of Parliament, Edmund Herbert Ariko has warned leaders against restricting farmers from accessing tractors meant for agricultural mechanisation.

“Please do not restrict who is to use the tractors. They [tractors] should be revolved so that all farmers in the community can benefit,” he said.

The legislator made the remarks on Friday at Soroti sports ground during the commissioning of agricultural mechanisation equipment while celebrating the belated National Resistance Movement [NRM] Liberation Day.

At the event, Ariko handed over eight hand-held walking tractors to farmer groups and savings groups.

The groups that benefited include Madera, Otatai Farmers and Savings Group, Omuron Ebungakinos Group, Acetgwen, Omalera, Alakadoros and Opiyai farmers’ groups, Amuno Youth Farmers Group and Zion among others.

Ariko added that since the government is at the forefront of transforming agriculture through mechanisation, local communities in Teso Sub-region should use the chance to embrace the initiative and improve agricultural productivity.

Gregory Michael Egunyu, the former chairperson Soroti district, cautioned the people to utilize the tractors well to see that they eradicate poverty.

“Let us not make these tractors redundant, let us use them to see that we fight poverty and develop,” he said.

The resident city commissioner Soroti, Peter Pex Paak, appealed to the masses to support government programmes and ensure they do not fail.

“Support government programmes and ensure that they don’t fail,” Paak stated.

Paak also told those that are already in SACCOs and PDM groups to make sure they return the government money given to them so that other members can benefit.

“We need to transform our people through these programmes,” he said.

Christine Angenyo, one of the beneficiaries of government development programmes appreciated the government for the support.

She encouraged the groups to work hard using the tractors so that they can improve their standards of living.

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