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Minister Ongalo-Obote pledges Shs 5mln to Speakers’ SACCO

SOROTI – The Minister for Teso Affairs, Dr. Clement Kenneth Ongalo-Obote has pledged to donate Shs 5 million seed capital to the SACCO owned by district speakers in Teso Sub-region.

The Minister made the pledge during the meeting with the district speakers at the Ministry of Teso Affairs offices last Friday.

Ongalo-Obote further pledged to help the rest of the local leaders in Teso Sub-region emphasising that it is through SACCOs that leaders and the best people in the people will be able to improve their livelihoods.

He also pledged to improve the education of local leaders through capacity building. “The local leaders need to be equipped with knowledge so that they perform better and be accountable,” he said.

Besides, the minister asked the speakers to work together in order to serve the people in Teso better.

On his part, Joshua Omugit, the Pallisa district speaker said the Speakers’ SACCO aims at improving their economic welfare and that they will use the SACCO in the best way possible since it is meant to boost their welfare.

He said: “We are going to make the best use of the SACCO and  we are confident it will build us and our households.”

Omugit also requested the minister to support the speakers with tractors in order to boast agriculture in Teso districts well known for growing cereals like millet, sorghum, potatoes, and many others, as well as keeping livestock.

Joseph Gilbert Omugit, the speaker, Butebo district as well as the team leader appreciated minister Ongalo-Obote for meeting them to discuss issues affecting development in Teso Sub-region.

Omugit asked his colleagues to work with the minister to drive development of Teso Sub-region, emphasising that citizens there need efficient service delivery.

He cited some of the issues affecting development in Teso Sub-region. Among the issues, he said, are; dilapidated structures in both schools and hospitals, meagre resources, poverty, bad roads, shortage of water in sub-counties and many others.

Omugit further requested the Ministry of Teso Affairs to support the district speakers with capacity building, saying they are constrained in their legislative roles.

“We need capacity building, our legislative roles have totally gone down,”Omugit said.

He also encouraged the other district speakers to ensure that their SACCO prospers. “Let us take it [the SACCO] as our own baby and nurture it  so that grows to serve us better,” Omugit said.

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