Mbale women urged to embrace govt programmes

MBALE – Women in Mbale City have been urged to embrace government programmes initiated to eradicate household poverty.

The call was made days ago by Lydia Wanyoto Mutende, the chairperson of Women’s League in the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM].

She stressed that the NRM government has always put women at the forefront areas of politics, public service, security, health, and education among others, adding that women have proven beyond doubt that they are hardworking and can deliver service at all levels.

Wanyoto added that, “Women should use the existing peace to embrace and engage in the available government programmes such as the Parish Development Model [PDM], Emyooga Programme, Youth Livelihood programme, and Uganda Women’s Entrepreneurship Programme to fight poverty in their households.”

“All these government programmes are aimed at improving communities. Women should therefore take the lead and also empower their children by taking them to school so that they can have a bright future,” Wanyoto said.

Speaking in Mbale City, Wanyoto explained that the money for the PDM should be used for production, saying the the latest government programme complements other programmes aimed at fighting poverty in the country, especially among women and the youth.

She also added that training is ongoing to ensure that the PDM beneficiaries use the money as intended by government which wants to move 3.5 million households from subsistence to the money economy.

Wanyoto who is a widow blamed some husbands for abandoning family responsibilities, saying wives are struggling to raise families without the support of their husbands.

“Women are now caretakers and heads of their families and they need economic empowerment to drive their families forward,” Wayoto who has on several occasions failed to become Mbale Municipality/ Mbale City Woman MP on NRM ticket, said.

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