Mbale SS launches Shs 120mln ICT project

MBALE, June 15, 2024 – Mbale Secondary School in Mbale City days ago launched a Shs120 million “Smart Classroom Project” with the support of the Korea International Cooperation Agency [KOICA]. The project aims to transform traditional classrooms for Senior One students into dynamic spaces enriched with technology.

Speaking at the launch of the project, the school’s headteacher, Moses Buyera, expressed gratitude to KOICA for their contribution to the project.

“We want to thank KOICA for providing the equipment. The school also contributed about 50 percent of the resources because we understand its importance. We received 25 projectors, projector screens, laptops, desktops, smart podiums, and other electronic accessories,” said Buyera.

He noted that the integration of ICT in the new curriculum will provide practical skills to learners and connect them to the world through internet-enabled facilities.

He emphasised that the project would revolutionise teaching and learning, making teachers more effective and efficient. “Despite the need for sustainability, maintenance, and security, the school is excited about the future and plans to extend the project to Senior Two, Three and Four classes,” he said.

Linus Nasimiyu, Mbale City Education Officer, appreciated KOICA for the project which aims to create an ICT-convergent classroom environment and strengthen teachers’ ICT capacities.

“With this lab, our students and teachers will gain hands-on experience in cutting-edge technology, enhancing their skills in programming, digital creativity, and critical thinking. This will open doors to new opportunities, fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and digital literacy,” added Nasimiyu.

Teachers, and students of Mbale SS joined KOICA and other officials for a group photo.

On her part, Jihee Ahn, the Country Director of KOICA Uganda, highlighted the long-term impact of the initiative. She said the project will benefit students and teachers for years to come.

“Through this project, we have created an ICT convergence classroom environment that offers students a more engaging, interactive, and resource-rich learning experience,” said Ahn. “Let us continue to work together, building on this success to further improve and expand our efforts in the realm of education.”

Hamza Banja, Deputy Resident City Commissioner in charge of Mbale Industrial City Division expressed appreciation for KOICA’s alignment with government plans which emphasise the importance of ICT and Science in the new secondary school curriculum.

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