Mbale MP uses own money to construct local road

MBALE– The Mbale Northern City Division Member of Parliament, Seth Wambede Kizangi days ago launched the construction of Lwaso road to ease transportation in the area.

The road works are expected to be completed in two months. The road will connect five villages of Masiwe, Entebbe, Mutuba, Bukimuga, and Makuyu.

Speaking during the launch, Wambede said he had procured some road equipment such as a bulldozer from the Ministry of Works and Transport to help do the work.

“The government has not done enough to construct these small roads in the city. They want the city to work on these roads and yet the city council doesn’t have enough funds. As an MP, I have decided to use my little funds for the good of our people,” Wambede said.

According to him, farmers have been carrying goods like coffee, tomatoes among others on their heads looking for markets due to impassable roads.

“That’s why there was need to open up these roads for the community to get access,” he said.

He expressed optimism that the road will create employment opportunities for the youth, adding that when completed it will enable residents have easier access to markets.

The MP further assured his voters that the government would ensure the development of the constituency by improving business operations.

MP Wambede (L) is using his own money to improve roads in his constituency (Photo by Yakubu Kitunzi).

He also promised to level the playgrounds of Bulweta Primary School and Bukonde Secondary School.

Muhamad Masaba, the LCI chairman of Bukimuga village said farmers face a big challenge in transporting crops.

“You can’t say you are in the city yet you have no good roads. We deserve better roads,” Masaba said.

Andrew Mumbya, a resident of Musiwe village said that bad roads have greatly affected tourism business in the area.

“We have a tourism attraction in this area including Shabe Falls on Wanale hill, several rocks which can also bring local revenue to both locals and the government as tourists,”  Mumbya said.

Sarah Nakayedeke, a resident of Mutuba cell said that expectant mothers have been suffering while trying to go to health facilities for antenatal care.

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