MAK don urges Masindi farmers to work in groups

MASINDI - Prof. Samuel Majalija from Makerere University College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resource and Biosecurity, has implored farmers in Bujenje County, Masindi district to form and work in groups if they are to get better markets for their produce.

"When you are in a group, and you are contracted to supply a given company you cannot fail. It is possible for the low-income earners to supply the oil companies operating in this region because you will be having the capacity and be able to sustain it,” he said.

He added: “If you want to progress don't work alone. We have an opportunity that oil has been discovered within our region. Why not grow food and supply as a group? Why do we allow this opportunity to be taken by outsiders when we have land?”

Majalija made the call days ago while training different framer groups from Bulima town council, Bwijanga, and Bikonzi sub-counties at his modern farm in Rukondwa village.

He was training the farmers on improved methods of goat rearing, chicken rearing, and piggery. He also trained them on feed production, mixing, medication, installing shelters using local materials, improved breeds, and hygiene among others.

Majalija has set up a farm outside Masindi town and rears exotic goats, cattle, sheep, chicken, and pigs and does crossbreeding. He also helps local farmers to improve their local breeds.

He challenged the farmers to invest their money in viable projects like piggery, chicken, cattle, and goats rearing, saying that one can benefit from them using simple improved methods.

"Don't invest your money in buying motorcycles for boda boda. You can use that money to buy two dairy cows and earn big. Ignorance and the lack of adequate information are the major problems hindering you from benefiting from farming, but now I have brought you knowledge at no cost," he said.

Majalija hosts different visitors including university students who come to learn modern agricultural practices on his farm.

Farmers speak out

Beatrice Birungi, from Twimukyangane Women's Group in Ntuuma village in Bwijanga Sub- County, said they have benefited a lot from Majalija.

"The people who have attended his training on farm management have not remained the same.  If you put his knowledge into practice, you reap big,” she told this reporter.

Senkomi Ajileo also a farmer from Kisambo village in Bwijanga Sub-county appreciated Majalija for helping the farmers in his locality.

"What he is doing would be done by the agricultural extension workers. I want to thank the professor for the initiative of training farmers so that they can get good money from their produce,” he said.

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