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Local leaders, investors demand for inclusion in Karuma power transmission line.

NWOYA – Local leaders and Investors from Acholi Sub Region have demanded inclusion of the Sub Region to benefit from the Karuma Power Project which is nearing completion.

According to the current power transmission plan, West Nile will get 200 megawatts; Lira 143 megawatts and Kawanda 400 megawatts leaving out the Acholi Sub Region.

Williams Olwoch Lalobo, an investor with several investments in the country says that some three years ago, he wanted to establish a water distilling plant in Palenga and failed because he could neither get a transformer nor a stable high grid electricity supply.

He says to date, he has abandoned the plan and moved on to invest in other areas which can only survive on the current electricity supply which is also not very stable.

Tony Awany, the Nwoya County Member of Parliament says that despite having received explanations that the Karuma power will be fed into the national grid before being distributed to other regions; for industrialization to take shape in the region, there’s a need for adequate electricity supply.

“If we are going to industrialize the Acholi Sub Region, it is incumbent on the government to provide adequate power for the Sub Region,” he said.

“Where is the Sub Region in the Karuma power dam transmission equation? Awany asked because it seems the Acholi Sub Region is not catered for. We have been getting some technical explanations from the experts that the power will be transmitted to the national grid. But as Acholi Parliamentary Group [APG], we want the government to be very clear and tell us of the capacity of power that will be delivered to the Sub Region. We have industrializations taking shape, we have got Atiak sugar factory in Amuru, the oil plant in Nwoya and Madhvani will be coming to Amuru, so all these need power,” Awany observed.

Awany further observed that even when the government claims that the Aswa power dam is to supply the region, there are still uncertainties of when the project will be completed. He says that the power is insufficient and can’t satisfy the power needs of the Acholi Sub Region.

“The power project in Aswa is insufficient; it cannot drive the power needs in the Acholi Sub Region. So, it cannot meet our needs in Agago, Pader, Lamwo etc. We just want to make a very just and humble request to the government. The Karuma power project must have an equation for the people of Acholi Sub Region.” Awany noted.

Santa Okot, the Aruu North MP says that Acholi Sub Region can’t be host to the production and transmission lines and not get access to the same power.

Gulu City Traders Issue Ultimatum To Umeme

Rwot David Onen Acana II, the Paramount Chief Acholi says there have been several engagements and meetings with top government officials over an improved electricity supply to the Acholi Sub Region in a bid to spur industrialization.

Acana says that many investors have opted to set up their industries where there is a stable and adequate power supply unlike in Acholi Sub Region where factories are forced to produce their own electricity.

Several industries such as Haree investments have in recent times closed operations in Gulu City opting to go to Lira where there is a seemingly stable electricity supply.

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