Lira street children equipped with soap making skills 

LIRA, November 28, 2023 – At least 83 former street children who now study at Lango Quran Primary School in Lira City have acquired skills in liquid soap making.

The hands-on career and skills training development programme was facilitated by Colim Life Transforming Ministry Uganda, a community-based organisation operating within Lira and Kwania district with financial support from Colim Ministry UK under the stewardship of Bishop Julius Peter and Prophet Regina Joseph.

The one-day hands-on-skilling focused on liquid soap making where the children were taught how to handle, mix and store the different chemicals used in the process and how to start and operate a business.

Oscar Ewaa, the Chief Executive Officer of Colim Life Transforming Ministry Uganda said his organisation decided to train the street children to equip them with hands-on skills that will help improve their livelihoods and stop begging on the streets.

“We have decided to train them on how to make liquid soap so that they should not go back to the streets to beg. The skills will help them generate money on daily basis. The training on liquid soap will not only keep them busy but will also help them to raise pocket money as we look forward to take them to our new site where we are building to rehabilitate them,” he said.

Carolin Amek, the deputy headteacher of Lango Quran Primary School hailed Life Transforming Ministry Uganda for offering the training to the needy children.

Amek was optimistic that the knowledge imparted on the kids will make the self-reliance.

“I am so much grateful for Life Transforming Ministry for the work they have so far done to help the street kids. I am glad that when these children use the skills they have gained they will be able to be self reliant or to be employed with some other people and also if they get some little money from what they have done they can also begin to make their own business,” she said.

Esther Alira, an expert and a trainer in liquid soap making said, “I was taught on how to make liquid soap when I was in Senior Four and the money I raised from the liquid soap paid my tuition at university and has made me who I am today.”

She added: “It takes only Shs 25, 000 to buy a set of the materials used in making the liquid soap and you get a profit of Shs 45, 000.  The materials are the perfume, colors, salt and other three materials I will not disclose. It takes less than 30 minutes to make the liquid soap. It’s on demand in the hospitals, schools and in the village.”

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