Lira City seeks Shs 300mln for streetlights

LIRA-Lira City Council is seeking Shs 300 million to fix faulty streetlights installed two years ago under Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructures Development [USMID] programme funded by the World Bank.

Most of the solar-powered streetlights that require repair, according to officials, are installed along Obote Avenue, Oyam road, Soroti road, Aroma Lane, and Oyite Ojok Lane among others.

Under the USMID programme 292 solar panels were installed on tarmacked roads but 160 are now non-functional, posing security threats in some parts of the city during the night.

The chairperson, finance, planning, investment, and administration committee, Julius Peter Ocari said Lira City has a population of over 500,000 who need lit streets.

“The risk of traveling at night in Lira City is enormous, which means we must install streets with lights.”

Ocari appealed to development partners and the government to help fix the problem, saying that batteries installed in the solar systems have surpassed their lifespan.

Abert Apita, the city secretary for works and technical services said most of the darkest areas in the city have become hideouts for the criminals who attack city dwellers.

He said the government recently allocated only Shs 30mln under Road Fund to fix lights and rehabilitate roads in the city.

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