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Kwania district to train Emyooga beneficiaries

District officials in Kwania district have pledged to offer some training in financial management to beneficiaries of the recently released Presidential Initiative on Job and Wealth Creation (Emyooga) funds.

After a long wait, Shs 1.1 bn was disbursed to the district under the Initiative, to be shared among 36 SACCOs in Kwania. Each SACCO will receive Shs 30m to be used as seed capital for investment by the members.

However, according to Kwania district Chief Accounting Officer (CAO), Albina Awor, the district will train the potential beneficiaries on proper handling of money before disbursing the funds. 

Awor says that many members of the different SACCOs have no clear objective on how they intend to utilize the Emyooga cash once they get it.

“In order to avoid history repeating itself like what happened to the youth livelihood fund, we shall be training them next Tuesday on how to utilize the money and apply a control mechanism which will help us recover the money,” Awor told theCooperator.

She underscored that whereas people have different motives for wanting to access this money, they should bear in mind that it is a loan that ought to be paid back.

Kwania Deputy Resident District Commissioner, Mpalanyi Bbossa, also cautioned the beneficiaries to use the money in a rightful manner, namely, to boost their business undertakings.

“I have heard that some of you are eagerly waiting to eat the money, but if that’s your motive please don’t pick it because you will have to pay for it,” she said, adding that the fund was meant to be shared in a revolving manner among the members of the different Emyooga groups.

While addressing the beneficiaries at Akaiodebe village, she confirmed that the district had received Shs 1.1 bn Emyooga cash, and urged the people to be active so that they can continue benefiting from other government programs.

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