Kuwait: Over 800 jobs announced in cooperatives

KUWAIT CITYH– The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour in Kuwait has announced the availability of 828 supervisory positions in the country’s cooperatives, according to local news agencies.

However, the positions will be filled by Kuwaiti nationals with the required qualifications and experience, reports Al-Rai Daily, one of the news outlets in the country.

“The ministry stated that the positions are available in various cooperatives across Kuwait and that the applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree and have at least five years of experience in the relevant field.”

The positions are for various supervisory roles, including financial, administrative, and technical roles, among others. The ministry also stressed that the applicants must meet all the required criteria, including the ability to communicate effectively in both Arabic and English.

Cooperatives in Kuwait play a vital role in the country’s economy, as they offer a range of services to the public, including the sale of food items, household appliances, and other consumer goods. They also provide financial services and other related services.

The announcement of the positions is expected to provide job opportunities for Kuwaiti nationals and contribute to the development of the country’s cooperative sector.

Interested applicants are expected to submit their applications through the ministry’s website. The deadline for submission is yet to be announced.

“The ministry also stated that all applications will be reviewed and evaluated based on the required criteria, and the successful candidates will be notified accordingly.”

Source: The Times

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