KUSSCO wants money owed by defunct councils remitted

NAIROBI –Kenya Union of Savings and Credit Cooperatives Limited [ KUSSCO ] wants the defunct municipal councils which were succeeded by the county governments and state-owned entities to pay back the defaulted sum of Ksh 3.4 billion, local media channels say.

According to the local media, KUSSCO said the former municipal councils in the country failed to remit recoveries from payrolls to the SACCOs to enable them operate efficiently.

it is said non-remittances by the defunct councils amount to Ksh1.4bln while those from state-owned enterprises are Ksh 2bln.

Speaking in Mombasa during the official opening of the 8th Annual SACCO Leaders Convention, KUSSCO Group Managing Director George Ototo said that the arrears have derailed the development of SACCOs in the country.

Ototo noted that Saccos play a vital role in development and personal economic empowerment thus the need for organizations to commit to statutory obligations.

“As per the law through corporate societies Act cap 490 [35] which empowers the commissioner to freeze accounts of the offending entities that are not remitting deductions to the Saccos,” he said.

He added that they can also use the technique of negotiation to help Saccos recover the money from the offending entities.

Ototo said there are over ten entities that have defaulted which pushed them to do a press release that enumerated the offending institutions.

He said that there are some other private sectors which owe SACCOs money. He said plans were underway to integrate the recently launched Hustler Fund and integrate the SACCO business model to ensure citizens are reached with the right facility.

Ototo has also asked members to ensure they have stronger systems and incorporate the software space and most of the banking and other channels of financial services to be properly vetted.

He added that they are also trying to train SACCOs to ensure that the service providers in terms of channels and integrators are institutions that are credible enough and encourage members to report issues of cyber-attacks in their systems.

He noted that partnership with service providers like Safaricom is helping them solve the problem of cyber security that has undermined the financial sector.

Ototo urged the small SACCOs in Kenya to merge with others so that they become stronger as the model is based on membership.


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