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Kiryandongo official unveils progress report of PDM

KIRYANDONGO – Kiryandongo district production officer, Hassan Isa Byenkya, who also doubles as the district’s focal person for the Parish Development Model [PDM] has highlighted the progress of the programme in the entire district.

Speaking on Wednesday during the opening of a two-day district budget conference at the Youth Resource Development Centre, he said 43 PDM SACCOs were formed out of 260 enterprise groups, which were registered in the entire district.

“The district disbursed Shs 7 million to the bank accounts of each of the 43 SACCOs in the qualifying commercial banks by June 30, 2022.

The district has also confirmed that the Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development in October transferred Shs 25 million to 40 of the 43 PDM SACCOs. The remaining are also yet to get,” said Byenkya.

He added that all the 43 PDM SACCOs have signed revolving fund financing agreements, noting that they have also prepared and submitted the attestation form to the Finance Ministry.

“Data collection is ongoing by the parish chiefs and as of now it stands at 58 percent. We have also received training on financial inclusion. All the 43 PDM SACCOs and their enterprise delegates were trained in financial inclusion before their first and second annual general meeting,” he said.

He further noted that Kiryandongo district with four other districts has been selected to pilot the preparatory process of the prospective borrowers to operationalise pillar one in one parish per Sub-county within the next three weeks.

2023/2024 expenditure priorities for Kiryandongo district production department

In the financial year 2023/2024 the department will spend Shs 1.2 billion in staff wages, complete the enactment of maize quality ordinance, which will take Shs 20mln.

Maintenance of the crop agricultural research and demonstration complex will take Shs 15mln, Shs 32mln will be spent on two motorcycles, and the community local poultry vaccination programme will take Shs 10mln among other priorities.

Byenkya noted that they have unfunded priorities which are very key in service delivery, noting that they have an agriculture extension wage gap for staff recruitment and promotion which requires Shs 2.3bln.

The department requires 13 motorcycles at Shs 48mln while desilting three valley dams in Masindi port and Kiryandongo sub-counties will need Shs 45mln.

He also said as a department, they are facing challenges such as climate change that has made seasonal predictions difficult, pests, diseases, and poor adoption of good agronomic practices by farmers.

According to the projected budget for the financial year 2023/24 as per the tentative indicative planning figures, Kiryandingo district will need  Shs 55bln. Shs 1.5bln which amounts to 2.8 percent will come from local revenue sources, Shs 51bln will come from central government, which is 94.1 percent, and Shs 1.7bln from donors which is 3.1 percent.

According to Martin Jacan, the chief administrative officer Kiryandongo district, in the financial year 2023/24, trade and industry will take the lion’s share of Shs 13.2bln, education Shs 12.9 bln, health Shs 9bln.

Works and technical services Shs 4.2bln, administration Shs 3.9bln, community based services Shs 1.7bln, natural resources Shs 2bln, production Shs 1.9bln and lower local governments Shs 1.5bln.

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