King of Bunyoro offers financial support to Kibaale Health Centre IV

HOIMA, June 11, 2024 – The king [Omukama] of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom Dr Solomon Gafabusa Iguru I has dedicated the proceeds of Empango Marathon to Kibaale district Health Centre IV to procure delivery beds among other equipment.

Thousands subjects subscribing to the kingdom, and well wishers over the weekend took part in this year’s Empango Marathon to mark the 30th coronation anniversary of Iguru.

The marathon is one of the pre-activities to commemorate Iguru’s 30th coronation anniversary commonly known as “Empango” due on June 11 at the kingdom palace in Hoima City.

Omukama Iguru was enthroned the King of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom in 1994 after the kingdom was restored, having been abolished alongside other kingdoms in Uganda by former Prime Minister Apollo Milton Obote  in September 17, 1967.

The Omukama in his message read for him by the Kingdom Prime minister Andrew Byakutaga, Omukama Iguru applauded his subjects for embracing the Empango Marathon, saying it is an indictor of unity.

On his part, James Asiimwe the District Health Officer, Kikaale  expressed his excitement about the king’s support, adding that the delivery beds and other equipment will boost the health service delivery at the health centre.

He noted that the beneficiary health facility admits more than 15 mothers every day despite facing a challenge of inadequate delivery beds.

However, Leonard Kusemererwa, Chairman organising committee of Mpango Marathon said two delivery beds and Autoclave steriliser have been procured, and soon they will be delivered to the health centre situated in Kibaale town council.

He commended the kingdom subjects for supporting the run by buying kits that enabled the organisers to raise funds to buy the equipment.

In the same vein, Robert Owagonza , Bunyoro Kitara Diocese Head of Laity and former Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Finance Minister commended the Kingdom for organising the marathon, adding that the activity signifies unity and promotes love, good health and fitness among the kingdom subjects, and other well wishers.

He rallied the Banyoro to always support activities organised by the kingdom administration and also love their king, and the kingdom at large.

“Sometimes when I hear someone saying that he doesn’t like the Kingdom, I get disappointed and see such a person as  someone with a problem. Whether you like or  you do not like it, Bunyoro Kingdom remains your  kingdom and you will never have another kingdom as a Munyoro,” he said.

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