Improving livelihoods: 12 groups in Kiryandongo receive Shs 50mln from OPM

KIRYANDONGO, January 29, 2024 – Kiryandongo district leaders have launched the disbursement of a total of Shs 50 million to 12 beneficiary groups.

The groups from 12 sub-counties in the district were funded through the  Ministry of Bunyoro Affairs in the Office of the Prime Minister [OPM]. The groups are expected to invest the money in income-generating activities that should help in the improvement of the livelihoods of members and their families.

According to Geoffrey Dabanja, the Kiryandongo District Community Development Officer, the micro-projects being funded are part of affirmative action taken by government to bridge livelihood gaps between Bunyoro and some regions of the country. “The projects are meant to improve the household incomes of the beneficiaries,” he said.

However, Dabanja noted that there is a tendency of beneficiaries sharing the money amongst themselves instead of using it to implement their approved business plans.

He called upon the political leaders to monitor and supervise the beneficiaries so that they use the money rightly to achieve the desired goal.

Martin Jacan Gwokto the Chief Administrative Officer Kiryandongo implored the beneficiaries to invest the money appropriately so as to improve their household incomes and eradicate poverty.

“Use the money properly, don’t invest it where you have not planned. Please stick to your enterprises because they were appraised and approved by the technical people,” said Gwokto.

Gwokto also urged the beneficiaries to make good use of the extension workers at sub-counties to minimise risks involved in the selected enterprises like poultry and piggery.

“Seek for expert knowledge from the technical staff for guidance on your enterprises. The government has employed extension workers to guide and help you. This is the only way you will avoid risks associated with your enterprises,” he said.

Edith Aliguma  the District chairman Kiryandongo commended the President of Uganda and the office of the Prime minister for improving the livelihood income for Ugandans.

“I extend my appreciation to the state Minister for Bunyoro Affairs, Jennifer Namuyangu for her passion towards supporting livelihood improvement in Kiryandongo District,” she said.

Aliguma cautioned the beneficiaries against withdrawing the funds before the right time for investing it in the planned enterprises.

“There are some enterprises which are seasonal. If you realise that it is not yet the right season to invest, do not withdraw the money from the bank to avoid temptations which may lead to mismanagement,” cautioned Aliguma.

She urged the beneficiaries to seek guidance from the technical officers if their projects are to succeed.

Jonathan Akweteireho, the Deputy Resident District Commissioner Kiryandongo highlighted a number of government interventions which have directly targeted individuals and groups with the aim of improving their livelihoods and eradicating poverty.

The NRM government has disbursed money directly to the beneficiaries through the Parish Development Model [PDM], Emyooga, Youth Livelihood Programme [YLP], Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Programme [UWEP] and other interventions. Use this chance to improve your livelihood incomes,” said Akweteireho.

Akweteireho asked the beneficiaries to work together so as they transform their families and the community.

“You should not share this money but rather invest as groups. If you share this money, you will contributing to the downfall of the community and the nation at large because you will be teaching your children corruption and bad manners,” he said.

The Ministry of Bunyoro Affairs has disbursed funds worth  Shs 120mln to 26 beneficiary groups since Financial year 2020/2021 to date and more Shs 203mln is expected for additional 26 groups this year.

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