Hoima market vendors urge authorities to collect garbage

HOIMA, December 19, 2023 – Vendors at Kyesiga Market in Kyesiga Cell in Hoima West Division have asked authorities to find a way of getting rid of the garbage that has piled up, saying its stench has chased away their customers.

The vendors said the uncollected garbage which is mixed with blood from animals slaughtered nearby has attracted flies, stray dogs, and has caused them to incur losses.

The market was built in 2018 by Hoima Municipal Council to accommodate vendors who were initially operating on the streets. The market was also expected to boost revenue for the council.

Sylvia Birungi, one of the few vendors who have remained in the market, said Hoima West Division authorities have not collected garbage at the facility for almost one year now.

She noted that the butchers slaughter cows and goats from nearby, thereby worsening the already bad situation, fearing diseases like cholera, and dysentery could break out.

She said the uncollected garbage in the market has resulted into several vendors going back to the streets, operating on the roads like Hoima – Kaiso -Tonya road.

Burungi said vendors pay tax of Shs 2,000 per week to Hoima West Division on top of paying a monthly rent of Shs 10,000.

Meanwhile, Samuel Katusabe, who owns lockup in the market, said there were over 100 vendors operating in the market but now only 20 vendors have remained in the facility due to the poor hygiene.

He noted that the owners of the lockups are also counting losses due to the stench from uncollected garbage, blood, horns, and dung from slaughtered animals.

On his part, the mayor of Hoima City, Brian Kaboyo admitted that the city has a challenge of collecting the garbage from the market, even though he said they have ordered all the butchers to move to Burera cell where an abattoir has been built.

“We have built a city abattoir in Burera cell in Hoima East Division and all goats and cows in the entire city will be slaughtered from this abattoir. We are going to officially open this abattoir in February next year,” he said.

He also promised he would discuss with Hoima West Division authorities to find a solution since the collection of garbage in the area is their responsibility.

Recently Hoima West Division Town Clerk, Ahamad Mugisa expressed concern that they don’t have their own truck to collect the garbage that has maggots.

Vendors in the market sell items such as vegetables, fruits, fish, beef, bananas, and charcoal, among others, while others operate restaurants.


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