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Hoima district suspends land titling as cases of fraud emerge

HOIMA – Hoima district executive committee has suspended the processing of land titles in Buraru and Kyabigambire sub-counties, following the escalating cases of fraud where some people are alleged to have acquired titles for land that is not theirs.

The suspension followed a meeting this week between the two sub-counties leaders, village leaders, district land board officials, victims, and Hoima district executive committee members at Kasingo district headquarters in Hoima West division in Hoima city.

It was noted that the increasing land disputes were threatening security in the area, forcing the district authorities to unanimously suspend for one month all activities related to processing of land titles in the two sub-counties.

The Hoima district chairperson Kadiri Kirungi said they would set up a committee to investigate the illegal acquisition of land titles by some people.

He said all land titles processed without following the law would be halted while the ones acquired illegally would be forwarded to the Lands ministry for cancelation.

It is purported that there are about eight fake land titles in Buraru Sub-county owned by different tycoons from the district.

Some of the affected areas are Ngombye hill land in Buraru Sub-county where over 400 residents are wrangling with four men over 400 acres of land.

The district is also investigating titles that were illegally processed for Buraru parish headquarters and Buraru Growers Society’s land.

Kadiri said the district executive committee is receiving complaints from affected people and other entities for investigation.

“Members on the district executive committee agreed that any land title that will be found to have been acquired through illegal procedures will be terminated,” he said.

He said that the district would soon convene a meeting with different stakeholders including the current district land board members, former members of Buraru Area Land Committee, and other relevant district officials to scrutinise the contested land titles in Buraru Sub-county.

He urged the affected residents to remain calm and avoid breaking the law, adding that the month-long scrutiny will ensure that justice prevails.

Robert Mwanga, the Buraru Sub-county LCIII chairman, and residents accused Nebba Isingoma, the former Buraru Sub-county Area Land Committee chairman of being responsible for illegal land titling in the area.

Mwanga alleged that Isingoma has been conniving with fraudsters to backdate and produce fake land titles on the resident’s land.

Isingoma is also alleged to have refused to hand over the stamp he was using to do his dirty deals.

However, Isingoma when contacted by this reporter, denied the allegations brought against him, saying that they are baseless and only aimed at tarnishing his image.


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