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Heavy rains ravage banana plantations in Ntungamo

Farmers in Ntungamo district are counting losses following a heavy down pour on Tuesday, which destroyed both crops and property.

The heavy rains, which started on Monday evening, affected the bigger part of Ruhaama and Rushenyi counties in Ntungamo district. Sezi Babigumira, a resident of Nyamabare village, says the rains were characterized by heavy winds and lasted several hours.

Especially affected were banana plantations which constitute an important food source for the local population.

Josephine Kyakunzire, an affected farmer in Kaboroga village, says that the locals, many of whom rely solely on bananas for survival, are worried about their next course of action.

“We don’t know what we are going to do,” said Kyakunzire as she surveyed the damage inflicted by the downpour on her plantation. “My banana plantation has been everything to me.”

Isaac Niwagaba a resident of Murambi Parish in Rweikiniro sub-county fears that the area faces a looming food shortage unless affected families receive some form of support from government and well-wishers.

Ntungamo district Production Officer, Albert Mugabe says that the leadership has already tasked a team to assess the magnitude of the damage on the ground as they forge a way forward.

Meanwhile, Mupenzi Ashel the Rweikinoro sub county LC V Councillor called on farmers to avoid farming practices harmful to the environment, saying they could have been a contributing factor to the increase in hostile weather events.

Earlier this week government issued a public advisory warning that this year’s first- season rains would be heavy and above normal in several sub-regions of the country.

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