Govt earmarks Shs 10bln for major project in Alebtong

ALEBTONG– The government has earmarked Shs 10 billion for Local Economic Growth [LEG] project in Alebtong district to support agricultural production.

Under the project, the government is constructing 10.8-kilometre road from Alebtong town to Awei. Government is also to build an oil seed factory in Apala, construct 4km road, provide electricity, as well as constructing a shed at Alebtong market.

Others to be worked on are; cage fish farming, small irrigation for farmers, cattle insemination centre, and supply of coffee seedlings.

The project focuses on transforming the community livelihoods by fighting abject poverty, according to Alebtong district LC5 chairperson, David Kennedy Odongo.

Other projects on course and due to be completed in 2025, include; constructing market management office and installing piped water in Alanyi. Others are; the construction of a water reservoir, dam for watering animals, establishing a nursery bed, procuring tractors, and building two warehouses.

The project is part of US$ 43mln the government acquired from Islamic Development Bank, according to the program coordinator of local economic growth in the ministry of local government. Kats and Civil Auto Works Ltd is undertaking the work.

Other contractors undertaking the works include Afro Freight Clearing and Forwarding including M/S Rhona Kkundakwe which supplied 1600,000 coffee seedlings.

Minister Mageyzi commended Alebtong for the progress which has so far been realised.

“As government, our main target is to rescue people from poverty by putting in place facilities which boost production, productivity and promote value chain,” said local government minister Raphael Mageyzi as he visited the progress of the construction of an Oil seed factory in Apala.

“We shall make sure that Alebtong doesn’t miss this opportunity because we have realised that the district produces a lot of sim-sim and sunflower,” he added.

Odongo said under the project, district will receive three motorcycles while the construction of Alebtong market shed is completed.

He said the increase in the number of vendors in Alebtong market is a ready market for the produce.

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