Gov’t donates Shs 60mln to micro project groups in Kapelebyong district

As per the allocations seen by this reporter, Atutur Heifer Project took the lion’s share of Shs 10mln.

KAPELEBYONG July 8, 2024 – As part of government efforts to fight household poverty, the Office of the Prime Minister through the Ministry of Teso Affairs has extended financial support of Shs 60 million to 12 rural micro project groups in Kapelebyong district.

As per the allocations seen by this reporter, Atutur Heifer Project took the lion’s share of Shs 10mln followed by Alaso Joint Savings and Credit Group, Aica Owoikinai Farmer Group and Tukum Joint Farmers Group, each receiving Shs 5mln.

Apuuton Savings and Credit Group, Abota Labira Emorikikinos Farmers Group, Aminanaros Savings and Credit Group, Aupanaros Farmers Field School Group, Airiamet Goat Rearing Project and Akore United Friends Association were allocated Shs 4.5mln each.

While Amorican Farmers Field School and Adungo Youth Farmers Development Group received the least share of Shs 4mln each.

Micro project support is a grant given to organised groups at parish level to support their income-generating activities and is being implemented by the Office of the Prime Minister.

Jessica Apio, Kapelebyong District Community Development Officer [DCDO], while speaking to beneficiaries during the disbursement exercise held at Atutur Primary School days ago, said the beneficiaries were selected in the parishes of Labira in Obalanga Sub-county and Akore in Akoromit Sub-county.

“These groups were approved by the district in the just concluded financial year 2023/2024 and forwarded to the office of the Prime Minister for funding,” explained Apio.

She noted the money is given the beneficiaries to primarily enable them start viable small income generating businesses to improve their livelihoods and sustain their families.

The beneficiary groups, according to Apio, were equipped with financial literacy and management skills before the funds were disbursed to them.

“They expected to rear goats and heifers as per their work plans,” said Apio while pledging her commitment to continue guiding and monitoring the performance of microproject groups.

The beneficiaries thanked government for having locals at heart, especially in poverty eradication schemes, before committing to effectively use the funds received.

In his communique, the Kapelebyong district LCV Chairman Francis Akorikin, asked the beneficiaries to take advantage of government efforts to harness development in the villages and improve livelihoods.

Akorikin told the beneficiaries that the government works hard to bring development and they should work harder to eradicate poverty.

“Poverty is yours, if you don’t use the money well and work hard to eradicate poverty at your household don’t blame leaders and government for not doing enough to help you get out of poverty,” advised Akorikin.

On the other hand, Akorikin encouraged locals to educate their children so as to bridge illiteracy gaps in the communities.

However, Kapelebyong Deputy Resident District Commissioner, Emmanuel Ojirot issued a stern warning to the beneficiaries against the misuse of grants.

“The money is given to you to smart up income generating activities so as to get out of poverty not to be divided amongst you for buying luxury items like smartphones, radios, and drinking liquor therefore you should follow your groups’ plans while using this money,” he said.

He also cautioned the group leaders against sidelining their members while executing the activities and instead embrace team work if they are to succeed.

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