Fishermen on Lake Albert robbed

HOIMA – Police in the Albertine region are investigating a robbery incident in which suspected militiamen from the Democratic Republic of Congo [DRC] robbed Ugandan fishermen on the waters of Lake Albert.

Speaking to this reporter on Monday, the Albertine region police spokesperson, Julius Hakiiza said the incident occurred on Saturday morning at around 3:00am as the local fishermen were on the waters of Lake Albert fishing.

He noted that militiamen who were said to be six in number, were armed with three guns and dressed in military attire took off with property worth over Shs 15 million. The items included four big fishing nets, four fuel tanks, fishing boats, 11 life Jackets, and six pressure pumps.

He said some of the Ugandan fishermen attacked are residents of Runga landing site in Kibiro parish, Kiganja Subcounty in Hoima district.

The police officer however disclosed they are  also investigating claims that some of the local fishermen connive with Congolese to rob fellow Ugandans. Lake Albert is shared between Uganda and the DRC.

“There people here who connive with Congolese and are  making money out of this. This habit should stop,” he said.

Lazaras Muhozi, one of the Ugandan fishermen robbers said the militiamen took off to Kasenyi-Kyomya fishing site on the western side of Lake Albert in the DRC.

The Ugandan fishermen on the shores of Lake Albert have been on tension since 2018  due to the endless attacks by the militia from the DRC.

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