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Equity Bank Kenya Breaks Silence On DP Ruto’s Loan Allegations

KENYA – It was a dramatic Monday in Kenya when the country’s Deputy President William Ruto was barred from his flight on an unknown mission to Uganda.

Kenya’s local media reported that immigration officials insisted that Ruto had to get clearance for his travel to Entebbe from the head of state, Uhuru Kenyatta.

This sparked social media reports claiming that the travel ban is political and intended to weaken Ruto’s ambitions from taking on the country’s top leadership.


Others added that Ruto’s relations with the current President Uhuru Kenyatta have turned sour despite the duo being close allies both in 2013 and 2017 presidential victory.

Also, Ruto linked the recent travel ban to political humiliation terming it as cowardice of his foes.

He added that his visit to Uganda had nothing to do with politics, confirming that he even helped a businessman to acquire a loan from Equity Bank Kenya to put up a vaccine factory in Matuga-Wakiso district.

“While in Uganda a month ago, the president of that country invited me to the launch of a vaccine factory facility being built there. The proprietor of that facility has been to this very office (Ruto’s office) where you are interviewing me. He needed help to be introduced to Equity Bank because he was looking for a loan of Kshs 15BN ($150million). I made only one phone call telling the bank that there is some East African here who needs your help to acquire financing for a factory in Uganda. You could consider helping him. That is why when the factory construction was being commissioned in Uganda, he insisted I go and witness it. So, what is wrong with that?” Ruto on a YouTube channel explained his July travel in Uganda.

“I also told them that for us to achieve the East African Federation, they need to have a branch in Uganda.”

According to the Daily Monitor, in a story posted August 3rd,2021 it notes that, the visit, which saw the Deputy President attend the unveiling of a vaccine manufacturing facility, was the fifth in the last six years.

However, in a media statement released on 4th August, 2021, Equity Bank Kenya distanced itself from the ongoing Ruto’s political saga.

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