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Elders SACCO go cage farming in a bid to strengthen income flow

The recently launched Busia district elder person’s SACCO is in the process of undertaking cage farming as an enterprise to strengthen the organization’s income.

Some of the institutional members of the SACCO from Busiime and Majanji sub-counties are born fishermen and they have already interested the Sacco’s management in doing cage farming.

Pascal Osenda a member of the elders SACCO also a male district councilor for older persons said, SACCO members from Busiime and Majanji sub-counties cannot engage in other income generating activities because they have lived their whole life as fishermen and it is what they can do best.

He said, they have discussed the issue with the elders SACCO’s leadership and they are sourcing for resources to implement the enterprise.

Eugene Egessa the district fisheries officer Busia said, cage farming is a new form of farming which has not picked up well in the country. ” Fish reared in the cage can be harvested after six months,” he said, adding it’s a lucrative business.

He welcomed the idea noting that the district has been sourcing for investors to do cage farming and has so far only two who have expressed interest and own 12 tons of caged fish.

He said three community farmer groups have been also trained and kick-started by the district to set up fish cages in Lake Victoria.

“We shall train and provide them with the necessary support to enable them to achieve their dreams of doing cage farming,” he said. So far three community farmer groups have been trained, given fish feeds and stocked fish in the Lake.

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