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Diocese of Lango Clergy SACCO in need of tractor

Lira City, February 23, 2024 – The Diocese of Lango Clergy SACCO has appealed to government to support them with a tractor, saying it would help members to engage in commercial farming.

The request for a tractor was made during the Barlonyo Massacre memorial prayers that were held on Wednesday in Agweng Sub-county, Lira district.

Rev. Ronald Paul Eguny, Head of Clergy in Lango Diocese but also Chairperson of the SACCO said mechanisation and improved seeds would help members to get bumper harvests for sale, thus boosting their household incomes.

He said members of the SACCO which was formed in 2023 have not saved enough money to purchase agricultural equipment like a tractor.

“Having a tractor has been in our plans but we are just one year old. We want government to support us acquire at least one, and quality seeds. I am sure we will get high yields which we can sell as a SACCO,” Eguny said.

The cleric said the SACCO intends to make the clergy in Lango Diocese prosperous so they do away with expectation of receiving hand-outs from the well-to-do faithful.

On his part, Richard Okello, the Lira City Commercial Officer advised the SACCO leadership to apply for the Agricultural Credit Facility, saying it was established to boost agricultural production by offering cheap loans for mechanisation, and others.

“This is a government programme where loans are channeled through commercial banks and they are supposed to be taken up by the farmers for purposes of scaling up production,” explained Okello.

The Diocese of Lango Clergy SACCO has a total of 120 clergies who are currently engaged in buying shares, saving to boost the capital base of the SACCO.

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