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Delayed release of PDM money irks Kikuube residents

HOIMA, October 2, 2023 – People who registered to benefit from the Parish Development Model [PDM] in Kikuube district are unhappy over the delayed release of programme’s funds.

Adah Mbabazi, a community participatory action researcher in Kaseeta parish in Kabwoya Sub-county in Hoima district expressed concern that the beneficiaries have waited for the money in vain, even after fulfilling all the requirements.

Mbabazi who is also the LCII chairperson for Kaseeta parish said that farmers prepared their gardens hoping to get the PDM money to buy seeds for the new planting season. She noted that this also happened in the last planting season.

“We want to know if this money was released. If yes, tell us why it is not reaching the beneficiaries. This programme was initiated to fight poverty but it is going to make people poorer because they are spending their little money on transport as they go to check the PDM money in banks,” he said.

Sadique Kahunzire, a community participatory action researcher from Kyangwali Sub-county Kikuube district said beneficiaries registered to benefit from the PDM a year ago but have not received any money.

He also complained that the implementers of the programme demand the PDM beneficiaries Shs 20,000 for registration, Shs 10,000 for entering their details in the system, and Shs 10,000 for opening bank accounts.

Samuel Musinguzi, the community participatory action researcher in Kyakatemba in Kiziranfumbi Sub-county said only a few groups have received the PDM money to kickstart the implementation of their projects.

They made the revelation last Thursday while engaging community members in Kiziranfumbi Sub-county on how they can PDM funds. The meeting which also addressed land-related challenges was organised by Hoima Caritas Development organisation [HOCADE].

Brian Nahamya, the HOCADEO project team leader said some people had insufficient information on accessing government services and how they can participate in programmes like the PDM.

Vincent Alpha Opio, the Kikuube district LCV chairman confirmed that the programme is having some challenges such as registering ineligible beneficiaries.

Moses Agum, the Kikuube district administrative officer cautioned the implementers and the beneficiaries against sabotaging the programme.

He warned the implementers not to mismanage the PDM funds, saying the money is meant to fight household poverty.

The PDM was launched in February 2022 with the aim to move 3.5 million households still in subsistence to the money economy.

Beginning with the financial year 2022/23, each parish is to receive Shs 100mln as a revolving fund that the beneficiaries can borrow from to engage in the agricultural value chain.

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