Cooperatives to Benefit from We Effect, Vi Agroforestry Collaboration

We Effect and Vi Agroforestry have combined office space to enable improved collaboration and stronger support for their projects.

While speaking at the launch of the new offices in Muyenga, in September 2018, Mr. Elijah Kajubi, the Programme Officer for Rural Development at We Effect, said that sharing office space will make the two organisations a stronger team.

“The structure is similar in Nairobi and other countries,” said Mr. Kajubi. “This set up gives us strength in terms of accessing resources from our donors, the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), he added.

We Effect will benefit from in-house experts in agroforestry, while Vi Agroforestry will benefit from We Effect’s long experience in working through partnerships.

Mr. Kajubi said that their clients, many of whom are cooperatives, will benefit from a wider knowledge and resource base.

“Vi Agroforestry has plenty of technical expertise in environmental sustainability. They are a diverse team which promotes; biogas usage, shed trees in coffee plantations, water conservation, use of clean energy, use of specific agroforestry tree species and generally agriculture. This means cooperatives will have easier access to resources on sustainable land management practices,” Mr. Kajubi said.

We Effect is a development organisation founded by the cooperative movement. The organisation supports projects that are meant to uplift and strengthen cooperatives.

Vi Agroforestry is a Swedish Development cooperation organisation, fighting poverty and improving the environment through agroforestry. The organisation promotes sustainable land management methods through training and expert advice, among other strategies.

The two are different organisations but with the same founders. Both are Swedish founded and born out of the cooperative movement. This means they have a very strong background because the cooperative movement in Sweden has been active for over 100 years.

To commemorate the event, leaders from the two organisations planted a tree.

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