Cooperatives the way to go- Busia boss

Egessa Hajusu

Sustainable development in the country will not be achieved lest cooperatives are embraced by Ugandans, the acting Busia district chairperson Paul Oguttu has said.

“You were all here during the presidential elections and you heard all candidates talking about cooperatives,” he said and encouraged the area residents to look at cooperatives as the way through the country will be developed.

Oguttu who is also the Majanji sub county councilor to the district was on Friday addressing farmers at Masaba sub county headquarters in Busia.

If all leaders at all levels are now looking at using cooperatives as a way of driving the country to the next stage in development, then what are those of you that haven’t formed cooperatives waiting for.

Take advantage of the cooperative fund which the government is increasing every financial year to form savings and credit cooperatives (SACCO’S) make your savings but also apply for loans from the micro finance support center to start business and fight poverty.

“Nobody will come from outside Uganda to develop this country,” Oguttu said, and tasked citizens who understand that it is their responsibility to develop the country to start now by forming cooperatives.

He advised the existing SACCO’S in the district to use the Trinity or (three in one) formula of owning, using and governing as the mode of managing their SACCO’s

The cooperators should emulate this formula to run their businesses because God who uses it, has never failed in his work. The Father, The Son and The Holly Spirit.

SACCO’S that operate well will be recommended by the district to the ministry of agriculture animal industry and fisheries (MAAIF) to apply for agriculture loan to enable the farmers expand business by opening up more land and acquiring inputs.

The farmers thanked Oguttu for opening their eyes and promised to start a cooperative but asked him to send for them a technical person to help them with paper work. Those that lived during the days of the cooperatives said they new the advantages and promised to mobilise the young ones into joining the cooperative.

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