CBAs get bicycles to help in monitoring farmers

LIRA, December 14, 2023 – Caritas Norway, through its Lira office, has offered 105 bicycles to community based animators [ CBAs ] to help in the monitoring of smallholder farmers in the Lango Sub-region.

The CBAs comprise both Christian and Muslim stakeholders who are training farmers on basic agricultural practices, climate science, environmental protection, among others. Each CBA is working with two out of the 210 farmer groups identified.

The CBAs are working under “Food Income and Livelihood Project [FILP]” which is being implemented in the four districts of Oyam, Otuke, Dokolo and Alebtong.

Rev. Fr. Ambrose Acir Acuma, the Director Caritas Lira said training of the farmers on good agricultural practices will improve their livelihoods. Smallholder farmers in Lango Sub-region grow food crops such as cassava, millet, sorghum, sim sim, maize, and ground nuts, among several others mainly for home consumption.

The Bishop of Lira Diocese, Rt. Rev. Sanctus Lino Wanok urged the CBAs to help farmers to help the farmers improve their farming, saying that is the purpose for which they were trained before being dispatched into the villages.

Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Opio for Lira Cathedral Parish urged the CBAs to live by example, saying other people only embrace new ideas and accept to change if they see another person excelling from it.

With the new bicycles, the CBAs will be saved from the burden of walking  long distances to meet farmers, which consumes both their time and energy.

Meanwhile George Ocen, a CBA from Oyam district implored the CARITAS team to consider setting up satellite irrigation schemes to help farmers especially during dry season.

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