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Caveat put on UCA properties as SHACU launches investigations into illegal transactions

KAMPALA, January 12, 2024 – The Commissioner of Land Registration has issued a caveat on 17 properties belonging to Uganda Cooperative Alliance [ UCA] at the request of the State House Anti-Corruption Unit [SHACU].

UCA on its website says SHACU is investigating the illegal sale of assets and properties belonging to UCA by former leaders and management.

“The general public is hereby notified with utmost seriousness that due to the ongoing
investigations by State House Anti-Corruption Unit in respect to the illegal sale of assets and
property belonging to Uganda Cooperative Alliance Ltd. by some previous leaders and
management, the Commissioner Land Registration issued a caveat on the properties and
parcels of land currently or formerly owned by UCA.”

Members of the public have been strongly advised against entering into any negotiations or agreements regarding UCA property or land, initiating any financial transactions connected to these assets, and ignoring the legal restrictions imposed by the caveat and ongoing investigations.

The current UCA directors and management claim most of the properties were illegally sold between 2000 and 2016, with former Chairman Nimrod Wambete and General Secretary, Leonard Musemakweli allegedly being behind the transactions done without the approval of the UCA board.

Most of the land pieces were transferred to Jomayi Property Consultants, then a leading land dealer in and around Kampala, who then subdivided them into smaller plots of land to be sold to third parties.

A case in point is the 3.8-hectare Plot 14 Block 90, which, according to the findings by a hired surveyor, was subdivided into 16 plots and titles created in the names of UCA in 2015.

These were then transferred to 10 persons with Jomayi taking five before further subdividing them for further sale. Other buyers, according to the report were Akite Lydia, Wafula Philip and Malka Grace as joint buyers, Mutebi Alex, Katongole Paul, Twinomugisha Bernard, Kwezi Margaret Rugege, Amoko Stephen, Nagawa Susan and a duo of Carolyn Kamasaka and Bernard Twinomugisha.

Plot 636 was registered in the name of Jomayi Property Consultants on October 2021 but does not have the transfer form to show the date the transaction was done.

This was subdivided into several plots which were later transfered to other people, but by the time of the report, several of them were still in the names of the real estate company.

The report shows other plots sold as recently as 2020, including 648 and 650 transferred on 14th February to Jomayi, who then subdivided and transferred them to other persons.

There are other plots which are under investigations.

The properties to which a caveat was issued are;

  1. Plot 24 Hanlon Road FRV1709 Folio 19 Bugolobi,
    2. Plot 65 Lugogo Bypass
    3. Kyadondo Block 244 Plot 4300 at Kisugu, Kansanga
    4. Kyadondo Block 185 Plot 6009
    5. Plot 47/49 Nkrumah Road
    6. Kyaggwe Block 90 Plot 14
    7. Kyaggwe Block 90 Plots 636 – 651
    8. Kyadondo Block 185 Plots 5326 – 5502 at Namugongo
    9. Kyadondo Block 189 Plots 628 – 654 at Seeta
    10. Kyadondo Block 189 Plots 305 – 340
    11. Kyadondo Block 182 Plot 122
    12. Kyadondo Block 273 Plot 273
    13. Kyadondo Block 185 Plot 6142
    14. Kyadondo Block 230 Plot 1609
    15. Kyadondo Block 221 Plot 1465
    16. Kyadondo Block 1034
    17. Plot M582 FRV 2566 Folio 23 UMA Show Grounds.

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