Butaleja flood victims appeal for food relief

BUTALEJA, April 8, 2024 – A section of residents in Butaleja district have appealed to government to come to provide them with food and other items, saying they are living a miserable life after being displaced by floods last week.

According to information at Butaleja district headquarters more than 10,000 people were displaced and property lost.

The affected sub-counties include Himutu, Butaleja, Mazimasa, Kachonga, and Butaleja town council.

Madina Namudira, a teacher and one of the flood victims said life is very difficult for her and her family after all her houses were submerged by the floods.

Namudira who is currently living in a makeshift structure wonders why the government has ignored them.

“We are not happy with our government. We don’t have anything to eat. Since we had this [flooding], we have not been helped by government or any humanitarian organisation. You can imagine we don’t have shelters,” Namudira said.

She appealed to government to urgently respond to their pleas.

Joseph wasige, a victim says life has become hard, and cannot manage to sustain the family.  “Where we temporarily relocated, there is nothing to survive on apart from begging from well-wishers,”  Wasige said.

Juliet Akoth, a human rights activist has tasked the government to ensure that the flood victims are immediately profiled and supported. She said their living conditions are appalling right now.

The Butaleja district LCV Chairperson, Micheal Higenyi Bory confirmed that a high number of people in the district have been displaced after their homes were submerged by floods.

He said they have communicated to the office of Prime Minister [OPM] for help. Higenyi said several schools have been closed due to the floods.

A woman and her son pulling sacks of sweet potatoes after floods destroyed crops in Doho, Mazimasa Sub-county, Butaleja District (Photo by Yakubu Kitunzi).

Meanwhile, Flood victims at Laropi landing site in Moyo district are demanding government intervention, a year after their homes were destroyed.

Toepista Munguediyo, one of the victims says that following the floods, they have never been assisted by the government or any humanitarian organisation. She says that her business was affected by the floods, living her with no source of income.

“We have been suffering and requesting help since the floods displaced us but to date, nobody has come to our aid,” she said.

According to Toepista despite pleas to Moyo district authorities, no help has been rendered to them.

The Male Councilor representing Laropi town council said, the numerous financial challenges facing Moyo District Local Government have made it difficult for the district to support the flood victims.


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