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Bulgaria, Argentina to exchange cooperative experience

“There is great potential for the development of trade, scientific and practical cooperation between Bulgaria and Argentina,” Yotsev said during the meeting where the two sides agreed to share their cooperative experience.

He added that even though Bulagria’s economic trade with Argentina has not been large so far, the sides have great prospects to increase mutual exchange of goods and experience, given the demand for fresh fruit and vegetables in each season stemming from the changed eating habits of Bulgarian and European consumers and considering the season differences in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

“We have high-quality products to offer to the South American market, such as honey, rose oil and lavender oil, to name a few,” Yotsev said.

On his part, Perez stressed that Argentina is a world agricultural power. He pointed out that 80 percent of the fruit that is consumed in the Northern Hemisphere off-season comes from Argentina.

He said: “The Province of La Rioja, which I represent, is located in Northwest Argentina and has access to ports both in the country and in neighboring Chile. That is why we have a high export potential and we offer fresh fruit and vegetables in a season when you do not produce them here in Europe.”

He also noted that there is a well-developed cooperative economy there and that a memorandum of understanding is expected to be signed between cooperative organisations of the two countries.

“Bulgaria has a strategic geographic location and direct access to ports and infrastructure by sea and along the Danube, which connects it both to the Eastern European countries and Romania to the north. This was our rationale for moving towards building a hub for our products here,” Atanasoff said.

He underscored that Argentina has for many years been Bulgaria’s largest copper exporter.

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