Apac residents asked to register land

APAC – Residents of Apac district and the rest of districts in Lango Sub-region have been advised to register their land  if they are to avoid getting involved in the rampant land disputes.

The call was made on Monday by the Eastern and Southern Africa Small-scale Farmers’ Forum [ESAFF] at Apoi, Akokoro, and Ibuje sub-counties while training area land committee members, opinion leaders, local council chairpersons on land rights.

ESAFF which is a not-for-profit organisation influences development policies and promote ecological agriculture through capacity strengthening, research and networking in several countries.

Speaking during the training, Ronald Bagaga, ESAFF’s programme officer said a greater percentage of land in Lango, Acholi, Teso and West Nile sub-regions is not registered/ titled, offering a porous entry to land grabbers.

“Development can be brought anywhere in this area, but will you be able to negotiate a reasonable compensation when your land is not titled, or do you know what the law says to be able to engage the land grabbers?” he said as Lira City hosted the 7th National Land Awareness Week which runs from August 28-September 2, 2023 under the theme, “Providing Land Rights Information for Enhanced Production and Sustainable Development”.

Bagaga said the most common land tenures system in Lango Sub-region customary, freehold, and leasehold.

“Out of these tenure systems, you how you can acquire certificate or a title to confirm that the land you are sitting on or you are using is yours,” he added.  “Having trees, big stones and graves for your grandparents doesn’t show that the land is yours because it will be taken away,” he said.

The senior land management officer in Apac district, Eunice Apio, said land disputes are not only in Lango but have spread across the country, but added that government continues to put in place measures to reduce the vice.

She said President Yoweri Museveni last year intervened and issued a total of 1357 certificates to people in Apac district.

Acura Patrick George, the clean chief of Okarowok-Alemu said the rampant land disputes in Lango Sub-region is between closed relatives like children, clan and rich people.

He asked government to strengthen the fight against land wrangles by intensifying sensitisation and facilitate acquisition of certificates of land ownership.


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