ANT on campaign to empower youth with entrepreneurial skills

SOROTI-The Alliance for National Transformation [ ANT ] has embarked on training the youth to acquire entrepreneurial skills.

While speaking to the youth at Asegra Hotel in Oderai ward, Soroti City former ANT President, Gregory Mugisha Muntu said they are training youth so that they can become better business leaders.

Muntu noted that once youth establish small businesses they can develop, adding that this, in turn, grows the economy and creates demand for goods and services.

“A disciplined team of leaders can grow an economy,” Muntu mentioned.

He also added that building self-reliant leaders in terms of income generation do not pose threats on service delivery since they can adequately provide for themselves.

“Self-reliant leaders change the culture of going into politics because of money,” Muntu said.

He advised the youth to be focused and determined in order to transform the region.

Moses Odilit, the ANT sub-regional coordinator for Teso, appreciated the efforts of the party saying youth in Teso will be transformed if only they can follow the party’s ideology.

He encouraged the youth to embrace the initiative saying it is the only way they can fight poverty in the country.

According to Florence Atyang, a resident of Kapelebyang district and one of the youth who attended the training said once the youth can embrace development initiatives, they could be transformed.

Jorem Auta, another youth from Ngora said that the high level of poverty is too high but the youth can only change that by concentrating on rebuilding the country.

Over 50 youth selected from the 10 districts of Teso, including Soroti City attended the training in entrepreneurship.

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