A FORK IN THE ROAD: Report on the Legal, Business, Ethical and knowledge Status of Cooperatives in Uganda


With rising demand for complete and up-to-date database information on the legal, business, ethical and knowledge status of the cooperatives in Uganda to inform plans and actions of sector players on pursuit for a vibrant cooperative movement

A new report by The Uhuru Institute for social development (TUI) has found that Coops in Africa lagging behind and not part of the 300 top cooperatives in the world. Beyond finance more opportunities lie in social services and consumer cooperatives as evidenced by the successes in Europe, Asia, North America

The report provides an online database and a directory with details of 1449 cooperatives in 50 districts providing an opportunity for government and other stakeholders to build on.

It also provides an insight into the status of the cooperative movement in Uganda today. An alternative methodology and software for data collection and analysis which could be adopted and improved on for further data capture and reporting.

Despite efforts by all stakeholders in the cooperative movement, the research has established that the absence of cooperative identity in the work of government, that of cooperatives and the development partners is the reason for all the challenges facing the movement today. All initiatives must, therefore, be aligned to the cooperative identity and Uganda will have the most vibrant cooperative sector ever.

The report offers key lessons and recommendations on the Legal, Business, Ethical and knowledge Status of Cooperatives in Uganda

You can get yourself a copy today at UGX 20,000. At The Uhuru Institute, Bwindi Trust House, Plot 1 Katalima Crescent, Naguru P.O Box 27794, Kampala. Call: +256-414-581-453 or Email:

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